Have you no ideas for an original, affordable and functional exhibition booth?

Are you organising an outdoor party or event for your customers?

Discover our ExpoCube, available to hire for exhibitions and trade fairs.

Expo Cube is an elegant, aluminium container which is collapsible for easy transportation. It has a fully glazed retractable module allowing you to create additional exhibition space by extending out from the main frame. A roofed terrace at the front and the container’s roof space with secured barriers increase the total floor area to 75m2. A further advantage of the container is the Technical Space, a secondary space with a separate entrance which can be connected to the electrical system of the container and the water supply network. Its smart design and mobility make it a unique and flexible option for events of any nature, both indoors and outdoors.


A fully glazed unit with a floor area of ​​approximately 5.7 m2 gives you the flexibility of an extra room which can be utilised according to your needs. The module has a sliding door with direct access to the lower terrace and free access to the interior of the container.


Utility roof with railing and stairs fitted to the left or right side plus the landing conveniently allows full use of the upper surface of the container. The tables and chairs set up there create an intimate place to talk to customers, far from fair’s hustle and bustle. It also provides an excellent vantage point.


There are two options for the roofed lower terrace which can increase the total usable area of the container by up to a further 26m2. The terrace is available in the dimensions 6m x 4.4m or 6m x 2.2m. Both versions are fully covered. The floor of the terraces is wood covered supporting structure.


The container also has a technical room the size of 3.6m2 which is supplied with basic kitchen furniture, a sink with a running water, a heater, refrigerator and coffee machine. This space is accessible both from the outside and from the inside of the container.


Our container can be fully customised with graphics and signage to compliment your brand image. Full adhesive graphics or window foils, and mounted printed banners are the most popular ways of branding and styling it. Moreover by using several mounting holes its elevation can be partially changed. We also design and produce the graphics and labelling.

More about our offer:


We provide a fully comprehensive service. Delivery and installation of the container, full assembly and set-up, followed by breaking down and removal. We adapt to the requirements of the project as agreed with the client.


We develop the aesthetics of the stand and customise it to specification. From ordering, development and production, we supervise the entire process, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.


We also offer photography and video recording services for your event which can include: The set construction, film showcases, event reportage, interviews, photo shoots.

We ensure professional execution of the service and guarantee your comfort.


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